MYB Public Spend is a game-changing insight tool for local government commissioners and procurement professionals. With multi-user access, it’s available to your whole team.

It’s from the publishers of The MJ and the Municipal Year Book – so it’s based on a deep understanding of how the public sector operates.

You get intelligence of unrivalled detail, in an easy-to-use online tool that helps you save money, reduce risk and deliver value.

The Benefits

Discover what other local authorities are spending

and what they’re spending it on

Spot which suppliers bring risk

and where to find the best value

Boost your negotiating power

and save money, so your budget goes further


Search and compare

Drill down into detailed intelligence, find what you need fast and make comparisons at a glance.

Constantly updated content

Continual updates of news and regulations ensure that you never miss a thing. Over half a million new data-points are added every month.

Extra insights

Your dashboard shows you articles relevant to your council, pulled from the Municipal Journal.

Collaborate with other councils

Get contact details for experts in other local authorities, so you can ask about their experiences with specific suppliers and perhaps share procurement costs.

A shared multi-user resource

Colleagues from different departments can share specific projects, knowledge and insight to help identify the best suppliers.

A personalised dashboard

The dashboard can show data that’s specific to your organisation. Each user can customise it so they’ll always see what’s most relevant to them.

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Take the Tour

MYB Public Spend has been created to give local government professionals an easy way to manage their risk,
minimise their costs and make better procurement decisions.
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MYB Public Spend is a fantastic user-friendly tool that gives insight into the value we are achieving from our key suppliers through the very clever analysis of our own spend data matched against other public sector spend.
The tool gathers intelligence about public sector suppliers, who they work with and how much they charge and then matches this intelligence with our own supplier data and analyses the data. Within minutes of using MYB Public Spend, we obtained unique insight into the percentage that our contract contributed to each suppliers overall public sector turnover and also benchmarks the costs attributed to the contract against other similar contracts. The information that we extracted from MYB Public Spend gave us intelligence that is invaluable for commissioning new services, re-negotiating current contracts or negotiating new arrangements. One quite surprising revelation showed that we were contributing a very significant amount to one suppliers overall turnover. We were clearly a very important client for them which was useful to know given that their level of service needed improving.

MYB Public Spend was really easy to use and could drill down quickly into individual pieces of data saving days of one of my analysts time. Definitely worth having a look if you are interested in whether your contracts are giving you value for money or want to benchmark future contract prices.”
Tracie Evans,
Executive Director for Economy, Growth and Commercial
Surrey County Council

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